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Cats Vs. Dogs. It's a story as old as time! Ever since the two came to be they've been chasing each other around and barking and hissing at each other and such. But, do the two really hate each other? Have years of tradition clouded the judgement of the two species?? Could they really get along if just given the chance???

Dave & Cooper Lou
is a side-scrolling collectathon platformer inspired by games like Banjo-Kazooie, Metroid, and other similar titles. Dave the Rottweiler and Cooper Lou the Chihuahua must learn new and useful abilities to progress through a wide variety of colourful worlds, meet a wide variety of colourful friends, and partake in a wide variety of challenges! Our brave duo will climb to new heights, dig to new depths, and find their lost friend / rescue them if necessary!


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